Courtney W. East Lansing, MI 7/26/2016

"I am very new to Mirabella Salon, but I saw that they do eye lash and eye brow tinting. This is something I have never done before, but have always been interested in because I'm about as blonde as it gets. I scheduled an appointment with Marika, and I can honestly not even do her justice in a short yelp review. My results were amazing, and I now feel so much more comfortable not wearing any makeup at all. I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone with light colored brows or lashes because it really does make a huge difference and increase ones self image!"


"BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER was Marika’s facial. She was kind enough to add me on at the end of the day and at the last minute when I flew in to Lansing unexpectedly. She is the only person that touches my skin. Marika is the best! Many Thanks, My Love!"

Tiffany Gridiron Toriumi : 5/31/2020

 Feel free to use this as a review "I really struggled with adult acne for 6 years. Changes in my diet had provided some relief but I still couldn't get the situation under control. When I met Marika for the first time she was so encouraging and supportive. She assured me that with time and consistency we could see results. Well I am so happy to report that with her help I am enjoying the most radiant and clear skin that I have seen in a decade and I am finally seeing light at the end of a very long and dark tunnel. The products that she offered to me have been easy to use and effective. I recommend her services highly to anyone who wants to enjoy smoother and more radiant skin." Referred By: Had a spa finder gift card and looked for a participating salon online and found Marika that way.

Craig S. Lansing, MI  7/1/2015

"This woman makes magic!  I had to have a new headshot taken and was nervous about the way I look, 10 years after my last one.  As a guy, I've never had a facial before.  She put stuff on my face, pinched, primped and prodded, plucked my eyebrows (which didn't hurt nearly as much as I had thought) Oiled,  lubed and detailed, I do this for my car, but this is the first time I've done it for myself. The effect was subtle but noticeable, people asked me if I just got back from vacation.  Why don't more men do this?, I was 50 for my first facial but now I'm hooked and go every six weeks. Thanks Marika! " 

Kate D:

"If you want the most effective facial ever -- as in one that *really* makes a difference -- go see Marika. Trained in Europe, she's one of the few (and the best) at extractions, in addition to comprehensive cleansing, moisturizing, facial massage and overall skincare guidance. (She also does a great job at eyebrow waxing or tweezing.) Family members have gone to her for over 10 years. I make a point of seeing her every time I'm back in Michigan. I'd give her 6 stars out of 5 if I could!" 

Jane L. East Lansing, MI 3/17/2015

"I'm glad to find acne treatment around the area and after the treatment my skin becomes smooth and all the blackhead, whitehead and acne are removed."

Suzy G. Lansing, MI 2/6/2014

"Marika, the esthetician, is phenomenal. She gives the best facial massage I have had in four states! My skin looks years younger than my actual age."

D. Griffin 8/9/2013   

"My goodness Marika, when I thought your services couldn't get any better..WHAM! My skin looks amazing, the enzyme peel did the trick!"                                                          

Elizabeth B. East Lansing, MI 7/27/2013

"Such a wonderful and relaxing experience every time thanks to Marika!  The facials are a great way to invigorate your skin and the new Vitamin C facial mask brightened my skin remarkably in just 5 minutes! Visiting Marika is more than a facial, it is a total experience in pampering and professional treatment for your skin. A long-time customer."


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