Marika's European Facials is a professional Salon for all your Skin Care needs. With over 30 years of experience my treatments are suited for all Skin Types and Ethnicities.

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COVID- 19 update: Protective gear is worn by Marika and 15 Minutes are scheduled in between each appointment for disinfecting. All Sanitation Guidelines will be followed as recommended.

Located at Mirabella Salon

5100 Marsh Road, Okemos MI 48864


                                                              7 Reasons to get a monthly Facial

1. Exfoliation - Routine Exfoliation removes dead skin cells, grease and dirt found in our daily environment and improves appearance of pores, appearance and fine lines.

2. Increased circulation - Facials boost circulation to the skin layers. The rush of blood allows a healthy glow and plumps the skin cells with vital nutrients and water.

3. Extractions - Estheticians use special methods and tools that prevent redness and perform thorough deep cleansing, the most effective way to remove blackheads, Milia and whiteheads.

4. Long term benefits - Regular facials along with routine maintenance with keep the skin smoother, glowing, healthier and reduce breakouts.

5. Stress relief - The power of touch combined with proper massage techniques has a soothing and relaxing effect.

6. Professional tools, professional results - Spa equipment and skin care products for professionals are more effective with higher concentrations of active ingredients that penetrate deeper into the skin.

7. Customized treatment - Estheticians diagnose the causes for skin problems, address specific skin care concerns and recommend customized treatments and products.

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